About us

Link East Europe

Link East Europe is a project that was started over five years ago, in Romania.

Initially created as an export department in a furniture company, we are today a stand-alone company, present in several European markets, managing projects in various fields.

The main purpose is to create business connections between Western European companies and Eastern European companies, for trade.

We manage and mediate business connections in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and we have expansion plans in other markets as well.

With a team of specialists with various skills, all foreign-language speakers (English, French, German), with permanent employees or collaborators in France, Belgium and Switzerland, we are now able to meet the highest demands of our clients.


Commercial intermediation

We identify suppliers from Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary that can respond to requests received from beneficiaries from other countries: we qualify suppliers, analyze the needs and clarify the beneficiaries' requests and then we link the two parties.

Project management

Based on the expertise gained in the implementation of some complex projects, in Switzerland and France, we assure management for the projects that are carried out with the Eastern European partners.

Consultancy for implementation

We offer support for foreign companies that intend to open businesses in Romania, by providing advice on specific legislation issues and offering market researches to help them find the best possible collaboration on their areas of interest.

Recruitment and placement of personnel

We are aware of the Romanian labor market and the requirements of the foreign partners and we successfully intermediate recruitment and placement personnel in various fields of activity.

Contact us

Maramures street, No.12, Ploiesti, Romania

+40 742 666 999

+40 743 987 799

+33 780 522 250